Your computer and Network Specialits

Small Business Office Solutions a technology consulting company serving the small to mid-size business sector in St. Louis and surrounding metro area. Utilizing nearly 20 years experience in information technology implementation, network design, and web programming, we have what it takes to meet the ever-changing needs of today's small business. Small Business Office Solutions focuses on you, the client, implementing a unique, focused outlook sure to serve your IT needs for years to come. We offer multi-faceted technology consulting services, covering a wide range of technology consulting. Need a simple computer repair? We've got you covered! New Server? Remote Access? We can do that! Ready to take your WordPress site to the next level? No problem! Need SEO? We're on it! 

Small Business Office Solutions employs a strong sense of responsible spending and worthwhile investment in IT, making every dollar count for the SMB market. Small Business Office Solutions can handle it all-on spec and at cost every time!

Web Design

WordPress is the fastest growing, most user-friendly web technologies available to day. Dollar for dollar, a properly designed web site and on-going SEO plan cannot be matched as an advertising strategy. If your web presence is out-dated or non-existent, leaving potential clients in the dark about your business, let us bring you into the light! Continue Reading


Computer got the sniffles? Server got the blues? No matter what your computer hardware needs, we got ya’ covered. From basic break-fix work to complete workstation and server systems, all custom built with your needs in mind, Small Business Office Solutions will take care of you so you can focus on your business! Continue Reading


Small Business Office Solutions specializes in all types of computer networks. If you need two or more computers sharing files or talking to each other for any reason, we can help! Continue Reading